J. Russ From Brownsville Brooklyn....


Was introduced into fashion by a close friend Erica Kane. Jamaal already having a sharp skill in business decided to start a brand.  In 2012 he created the start of an empire.  


Denaro Puro was founded in 2016, while growing out of an earlier project M.O.T.H. Designs which was the successful start in 2012. 

J.Russ and Erica Kane Did Fashion Shows for Denaro Puro, consisting of many styles.

Today Denaro Puro consist of strictly urban wear, solely designed by J.Russ.

Like always most people ask what does Denaro Puro mean, or stand for? 

It’s simple “PURE MONEY” in the Italian Lingo. 

J. Russ the head designer of  Denaro Puro has a strong perception when it comes to his designs, everything has to be different from what’s trending now. Its like a catchy song hook it has to stay embedded in the minds of those who wear it. 


“I want people to love the brand and be about the brand at the same time”


Denaro Puro’s creations consist of casual urban wear. Such as destroyed denim, tees, sweaters, sweatshirts and casual urban wear.


Denaro Puro does not follow the traditional fashion rules nor abide by the seasons. Whatever design comes to the mind makes the cut for a new collection. Releasing one of kind items or sometimes just “ONE ONLY”.


Its  a brand but more than a brand, it’s a design, a movement, a fabric turned into unique garment, an idea,  quality, opportunity, a personality, it’s Denaro Puro!! 

Many of our designs are created off of inspiration and hard thinking putting many pieces together to look a certain way.